Clergy Corner: Back to school is time to pray
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Summer has gone by so quickly!

School begins soon. Parents are gathering supplies. Teachers are preparing their classrooms.

Children are counting the days. For those of us who grew up when school started after Labor Day, we are always surprised at how soon school seems to begin each year.

Now is a good time to begin praying for your local schools!

My church is full of educators, parents and children. Carol, my wife, is a teacher in the public school. I will have two of my own children attending elementary school this school year. Our church operates two early learning centers wherein we teach preschool children. I am surrounded by reminders of the importance of our schools, school employees, and children.

I believe God cares about our schools. God wants each of us to get involved. At the very least, we should pray for our schools.

Personally, I believe our schools are generally under-funded and under-supported. However, the most important deficit in school support is a spiritual one. Our local schools lack the adequate focus and prayers from the Christian people in the community.

I encourage you to take time to pray for your local schools. Sure, local businesses and citizens should do more to positively impact the local school. Yet, the greatest need for our schools is your prayer.

What kind of positive difference would we experience in our schools if local churches and citizens committed themselves to pray daily for our children and school staff? Consider the issues our children face today: bullying, drug and alcohol use, teenage pregnancy, “sexting” and racism. We need to lift up this young generation to God in prayer.

Our children are dealing with the spiritual forces on a day-to-day basis. Your prayers could be a catalyst for bringing about the future well-being of our children.

Praying for your local schools creates a bond within the community. People need a good cause to rally around. Too often we see people criticizing administrators, teachers, and other school employees.

In the church we often say, “If you want better ministers in the church—pray for the ones you have.” If this is true in the church, it can also be true in the school. Instead of seeing people being critical of the schools, wouldn’t it be great for parents and citizens to support their schools in prayer? If we want better teachers and school leaders, we should begin by praying for those we have.

By supporting and praying for our schools, we can mold and shape an entire generation. We can bring a transformational spiritual element to the very center of where young hearts and lives are shaped.

Here are a few prayer concerns that are important in praying for your local schools:

• Pray for the principals, administrators and teachers by name. Remember, all of our educators have families and responsibilities of their own.

• Pray for the staff who help carry out all of the responsibilities of operating the school (lunchroom workers, librarians, custodians, secretaries, bus drivers, etc.).

• Pray for the school board and all leaders who make decision impacting the schools and the community.

• Pray for the health and safety of all the children.

• Pray for the children to have strong families and support from their parents in the education process.

• Pray for the financial and volunteer-support needs of the school.

Imagine the possibilities if you and a few friends made a commitment to pray each morning—at the time school is beginning. You could be a part of what God is doing to nurture young lives in your community. You could make a difference!

Chris Crain, Pastor, North Valley Church, Margaret

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