Letter: America should stand for what is right and true
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Dear Editor;

In response to Mr. Billy E. Price’s article (“We are Lee’s last boys,” Jan. 6).

Thank you Mr. Price, for you open-mindedness on the importance of our Confederacy, but I would like to add that in the last presidential election, this nation was horribly deceived.

Seems everybody did not see how the election was so mis-put that our Constitution was not even considered.

Now if one part of our Constitution is abandoned or ignored, how long will it be until the rest of it is abandoned, and we will be a nation without a cause?

Obama was not born in the U.S.A., and has no right to hold any office in our government. Who will have the guts to stand up and say so? Our little ones and yet-unborns deserve better than this.

I am convinced fully that our Constitution is so worth fighting for, and worth more than is being considered from many in this nation who are not born citizens. Shame, shame on anyone coming into our nation to change our ways of life.

I am a Southern born, cornbread raised, Bible believing American, and I see all these “mistakes” happening to take over this nation.

So wake up and smell all the deception going on all around now. Many hands in the cookie jar that should not be there — let’s get them out.

God help this nation to wake up and stand for truth and righteousness. God bless you, Billy Price.

Ruth Matteo, Moody

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