Letter: Good news in county is welcome
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The news of St. Clair County’s comeback from the recession by Mr. Don Smith, head of the St. Clair Economic Development Council, has been anticipated anxiously by the citizens of St. Clair County. We wholeheartedly hail its arrival.

As our county was doing so well before the recession we were fortunate to have been afforded an extra margin of error, a cushion that gave us extra padding to soften and lessen our economic blow compared to other counties like Jefferson Co. Which should translate into a speedier recovery for St. Clair County over those counties less prepared.

We all applaud the growth along the I-20 corridor from Moody to the Coosa River and all places in between. Mr. Smith mentioned that only 50-60 acres of land are left in the industrial park where the new hospital and V.A. facility is located and that St. Clair County needed more land for development.

If the I-20 corridor of St. Clair County is running out of land this quickly then might I help our county by suggesting that St. Clair County develop the wide-open spaces along the I-59 corridor in St. Clair County?

Billy E. Price, Ashville

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