Letter: Solution to sign issue is to change the look
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Dear Editor,

I have to agree that the tornado sign that appeared on the front page of the St. Clair Times on April 26 (“Some dispute over sign in Shoal Creek”) is ugly.

Who designed this monstrosity? The colors are hideous, and there is way too much “going on” in the design. Are folks expected to read all that stuff as they’re driving along? The demonic “tornado” itself looks more like something you’d see on a toilet-bowl cleaning ad (or as a high school mascot).

While I believe the sentiment behind the sign is great, this large, gaudy sign detracts from the seriousness of the tornadoes.

My solution would be to redo the sign in black and white; make it smaller; get rid of most of the verbiage and symbols (where’s the flying cow?).

Most of all, make the toilet bowl fiend look like an actual tornado.

Barbara Westlake-Kenny, Odenville

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