Letter: Judgment House didn't belong at school festival
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I believe that everyone should be able to practice religion in the way they believe. I don’t think a few people should be in charge of such an event as Judgment House at a school function, to deal with a one-sided view of what is right or wrong in God’s eyes. This is why there are so many different choices.

The children I’m involved with are ages 8-12 and were looking forward to the Haunted House this year. They know it’s all pretend and a way to have fun. The children say Halloween is their favorite celebration; they were very disappointed with no Haunted House and are too young to understand the Judgment House.

I don’t understand why some people think this is an evil celebration — the celebration began as a way to give thanks at the end of the summer for the harvest of their crops (later it became known as All Saints’ Day). It should be a fun and happy day for kids; they enjoy putting on their costumes and trying to scare each other and, of course, getting loads and loads of candy.

I don’t think this should become the day they are told if they do anything wrong, God will send them to Hell.

I wonder why people say they are Christian: they dress up nice and go to church on Sunday. This does not mean you are a good person, anymore than not going to church means you are a bad person.

The Judgment House wasn’t put on just to tell people what God thinks, but to make money for the school. I don’t think it was free.

I believe we should all, especially school leaders, set an example for our children by the way we live every day, not by openly and knowingly breaking God’s commandments, then going to church on Sunday to show we are Christians. Practice what you preach.

— Carolyn Bliss, Ragland

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