Letter: Conservatives should put words into action
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Homeless people are living on the streets of Ashville, and I’m sure this is probably true of other towns in St. Clair County.

I do not know how much of this situation is the fault of the individual or if it’s partially or all the cause of a bad economy. I do know it’s sad, whatever the cause, and needs to be addressed by our county commission, city governments and county churches as soon as possible.

I can barely remember when there was a facility in our county called the “poorhouse” which was a place for people to seek refuge when there was nowhere else for them to go. With unemployment growing, this situation is only going to worsen. It is time we once again provide such a shelter for the less fortunate.

It must be supervised 24/7 and be divided into three dormitories for families, men and women, with rules forbidding drugs, alcohol and so forth. County churches could help administer it and provide religious instruction.

Anyone seeking assistance must also be a resident of St. Clair County. We can sit around and point the finger of blame until the cows come home or try to ignore it or talk the problem to death; however, at the end of the day, these people will still be living on the streets of our towns and living in our county.

We have all heard the left say Republicans don’t care about people down on their luck because we have no compassion. This would be a good opportunity for our Republican-dominated county to prove the left wrong.

Billy E. Price, Ashville

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